INNOVATE: SZABIST’s Only Entrepreneurial Magazine

innovate new one.This semester, INNOVATE brings you true stories of entrepreneurs, advice on how to start your business and the profiles of the successful men in Pakistan. INNOVATE started from a group of students who wanted to bring about a magazine dealing with the difficult and often crushing task of starting a business. One of the toughest challenge, which we found through our research and interviews, was amongst the hardest too which turned out to be none other than our self. The desire to quit again and again is overwhelming and the solution is to simply endure the hardship until you find that the desire to quit is superseded by the desire to succeed. It is why we covered the stories of entrepreneurs so much.


INNOVATE’s stall at 100 Campus

To ensure that you overcome the various challenges which come your way. We have also provided articles helping you on how to overcome major challenges when launching your start-up and we hope that they will be of any help to you. Furthermore, we would like to thank all our sponsors for their contribution. Good luck and we hope you enjoy the magazine!!


INNOVATE’s Sponsors


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