Safwan Ummer Butt: The Avant Garde Entrepreneur

1911891_1539772436267076_8062255173636508717_nBeing a Computer Science student Safwan knew exactly what it takes to be an IT developer. When he entered the corporate world, he realized that the IT department was not appreciated enough for their hard work. So he along with his friends Syed Faraz Meer, Hamza Nagi, Shariq Burney decided that they would start a company of their own where such de-emphasized workers would be given their due credit.

Sub-Tech Solutions provide start-ups with an IT infrastructure, business plan and help in setting their goals at knock down prices. His business had a very rough start but eventually everything turned out to be exactly as it was supposed to.

According to Safwan, entrepreneurs are more far sighted than people who work for others. They make their place in the future and affect people with their actions instead of words.


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