Humza Syed: The Passionate Entrepreneur


Humza Syed

Humza Syed, SZABIST student

As a kid he was always fascinated by how some pictures looked so amazing. He always wondered how photography and editing made people look more radiant in their pictures. His curiosity in arts made him choose his career in this field. Syed got a film camera from his grandfather and somehow managed to buy a DSLR as well from saving his lunch money.

Humza started off by giving free services in various societies of SZABIST which helped increase his networking opportunities. Launched in 2010, Humza Syed Photography now covers brand launches and wedding shoots etc. This success did not come easy as he had to sacrifice his family time in order to achieve his goal because studying and pursuing career at the same time is not a piece of cake. In future he would like to see himself shooting for magazine covers and fashion shows.


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