Farrukh Bhabha:The Specialist

10653578_1549158085328511_4352423544805906798_nThe journey started when Farukh bhabha was an intern in an institution that worked with 3D printers. Farukh learnt all that there was about 3D printing. He realized that Pakistan is lacking behind in this amazing technology and this motivated him to start his own business in this field. So it began with a group thesis project where each member contributed 25000 to work on their first 3D printer. With encouragement from Dr Imran Amin and initial capital injection of Rs450000, Farrukh later turned this assignment into a successful start-up.

Today, he is working from his home with two employees and have been serving their customers for 6 months now. From a student making a robotic arm to an average household consumer, they can print anything one can imagine.

Farrukh wants to create magic with his 3D printing and let his competitors know that they are a major force in this industry.


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