Hamzah Farooq Varachhia


Hamzah Farooq Varachhia is an MBA student at SZABIST studying Marketing.Passion for wearing the latest fashion trends motivated Hamzah and his elder brother to start their own brand of clothing YNG Empire .It initially began from having an online Facebook page and a website in April 2013.Positive response and always coming up with new innovative products and designs led the brand to launch an outlet at Zamzama, which is considered as a posh place where all the upper middle and high class gentry comes for shopping. YNG Empire hired Abbas Jaffery as their brand ambassador and conducted many shoots with him.

When asked to reveal his daily routine, Hamzah says ,”There is no specific number of hours as I have to manage between University classes and work as well. As the flow of orders is from all over Pakistan ,i have to make sure that each and every customer gets the order confirmed immediately. So you have to be available most of the time. Sometimes I am working from my office,sometimes home and even when i am on the go” .

For Hamzah being an entrepreneur has its own pros and cons.He adds that,” You are totally dependent on yourself . You are your only financier; you need talent, strong will, organized knowledge, be efficient enough to use limited resources, time plus stress management and ability to face the loss alone”.

The brand is constantly striving to get better and Hamzah hopes that this strategy will pay dividends and lead to greater expansion in the future.


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