10389696_1572029816374671_7497643257943615488_nDaniyal Qaiser, student from BABS program and a member of SZABIST Entrepreneurial Society.
Few years back he started his business “Skipper” for exporting polo t-shirts to countries like South Africa and England. Daniyal gets them manufactured locally and then exports them to the designated addresses of his cousins for them to sell in those markets. His monthly average now stands at around 700 to 800 t-shirts. The motivation behind starting his own business was that he wanted to carry out his expenses on his own. Plus for him a person who is earning has his own recognition in this world and he is known as a productive member of the society. He attributes his honesty in business as the trait that will serve him well in the future too.

Where did your organization’s capital come from?
Well I only needed funds during the starting period and my dad funded me. Now i don’t need any sort of funding. But honestly i did return him his funds back when i made some good profits

What do you feel is the major difference between entrepreneurs and those who work for someone else?
Entrepreneurs are the boss, they own everything. Nobody can order them, they make any decision they want and they are not answerable to anyone in the organization.


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