Aamir Aghai

10991186_1577589015818751_4114686968426941232_nAamir Aghai, Student of SZABIST.
His company started of when he was in his 6th semester; Aamir and his friend were walking in the 100 courtyard after a lecture on economy of Pakistan and during their conversation they realized that they both had a few decent ideas to promote online shopping in Pakistan. They had a detailed conversation which lasted 15 minutes. It occurred to them that the ideas can be pulled off practically. The discussion continued for 2 weeks, that is when the two friends laid the foundations of FAWG (Fariz-Aamir Website Group). Aamir and Fariz started off with 2 projects; the first known as grabadeal.pk. It’s basically an affiliate merchant website that provides a platform to multiple retailers and manufacturers to promote their products via their forum. The second one, Homekart.pk is an online virtual grocery store which sounds much simple in concept but drained Aamir and Fariz. For Aamir, the day the webpage launched, when his dad distributed business cards to his peers telling them that his son did it,that was one of the proudest feelings for him.What advice would you give to SZABIST students who want to become entrepreneurs?
Coming from a fellow entrepreneur, it is not easy making it out there. There were many times I just wanted to quit, times that I was sleepless and times when others told me it wasn’t possible, but let me be honest, it all fades away the day you get your first order from some remote place you don’t even know of. That feeling just makes your day!

How many hours do you work a day?
That really depends; sometimes it’s just a 9-5 day. Sometimes I have to stay back at late until my mom calls and tells me if I don’t leave office now, she won’t let me in the house.

How important have good employees been to your success?
Very important indeed! But all my good employees are better friends. The success of these projects was possible because when I could not afford to keep employees, I asked my friends for help which they did, for no pay at all!


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