Alay Hussain

10169317_1574610989449887_2459393686843244616_nAlay Hussain, student at SZABIST.

There was a boy, careless and not hard working at all. He almost flunked his O-level results. One day his teacher told him that he will never pursue any career successfully. From that day, his outlook on life changed. The boy began working hard, took life seriously and most of all started thanking Allah for giving him a beautiful life. In his 6th semester at SZABIST, he started an advertising company named ADSHAW.
The startup helps small companies to advertise by posting their ad in lit board on the back of the Rickshaw. As small companies are limited on budget, this advertising field was a blue ocean where no one has entered as of yet. ADSHAW currently has four partners and two employees who handle the logistics. In a time-span of 8 months, the startup has made 9 clients and has 15 rickshaws running all over Karachi. For them perseverance was the key as initially they made thousands of calls and suffered a high amount of neglect. Today they are generating good revenue and in future want to put advertisements on anything moving on the roads or that matter even airplanes. 

What advice would you give to the students of Szabist who desire to become entrepreneurs in future?
Never ever think that you cannot succeed. The taste of being your own boss is very different and its fun. Make yourself work with a slight humor because when you need to work for 16 or 17 hours, seriousness can kill you. Working hard is important but the best entrepreneurs work smart.

What has been your most successful form of marketing?
We have used extensive word of mouth marketing because we are in B2B form of business so this is our best choice.


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