Muhammad Asad Khan

Muhammad Asad Khan,BBA (second semester) and a member of the SZABIST10933895_1562615187316134_3243593520439967902_n Entrepreneurial Society.
In August 2014 ,he started an online store for neckties named as “Savoir faire”, in partnership with his childhood friend Faraz Khan. Asad chose to create a start up that only serves a niche for neckties because he particularly adores them in formal clothing.As according to him a necktie defines the kind of person you are. Currently, the two friends are running the business on Facebook as an online store. In the start Asad admits that they weren’t able to find a lot of customers and thus they came up with a strategy to showcase their unique designs to bankers and office goers.Being cost effective,Asad travels in buses to go to branches of banks and asks for time in the lunch-breaks, so that he can give them a presentation and his sales pitch. People who get impressed by Asad also refer him to their colleagues.This great effort in personal selling has brought phenomenal fruits for the start-up and Asad hopes to continue this mode of direct personal selling in the future.

Where did your organization’s funding come from ?
At the time of admission in college i submitted a little amount of money as a security deposit. After the completion of my intermediate, i got the security deposit back which i then put in my saving account .Later i used that amount to start my business and from that time till today,there hasn’t been a single cash injection.

Where you see yourself and your business in 10 years time?
Honestly, no one knows where their plane will land in 10 years. All you have is the vision to make your life better. I have a vision of opening outlets in every prime location in Pakistan.



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