Omar Qureshi

Omar Qureshi, Media sciences Student at Szabist..
Co–founded with Ibrahim Khan (BABS) and Uswa Ali, 10934061_1565087790402207_3117632849067778944_n, an organization of talented young individuals which aims to promote Hyderabad by giving all those people who’ve made a striking difference, be it through opening amazing restaurants or by capturing astonishing photographs of the Tower Market area or even by making inspiring music, a platform to showcase to the thousands of people connected on Facebook and beyond.
HidHydians was established in June 2012 on Facebook and due to the continuous popularity of their idea, their fan base kept growing bigger and stronger. It now proudly stands at around 12,000 fans on Facebook and the organization is pretty recognized in reputable terms by every socially active moving body of Hyderabad.

How important have good employees been to your success?
I’d rather prefer using ‘teammates’ instead of ‘employees’ because all the people I work with literally pull off all the projects by taking their tasks quite seriously. Those amazing individuals are the reason why all our projects turned out to be successful. And I’d also like to add that it is extremely essential to select those people who’re good at making an impression on the team by doing their job with absolute perfection.

Where did your organization’s funding come from ?
It depends upon the projects we undertake. The last huge project HidHydians completed was of making the first travel magazine of Hyderabad – Main Hoon Hyderabad. It was funded by the company’s retained earnings and then by sponsorships.

Where you see yourself and your business in 10 years’ time?
I wish to see HidHydians as one of the best creative advertising agency of Pakistan, in 10 years from now. Also, I wish to not only sign contracts with companies based in Hyderabad and Karachi, but also with the leading international companies who’re looking for people who could help their businesses with some killing branding techniques.


Muhammad Asad Khan

Muhammad Asad Khan,BBA (second semester) and a member of the SZABIST10933895_1562615187316134_3243593520439967902_n Entrepreneurial Society.
In August 2014 ,he started an online store for neckties named as “Savoir faire”, in partnership with his childhood friend Faraz Khan. Asad chose to create a start up that only serves a niche for neckties because he particularly adores them in formal clothing.As according to him a necktie defines the kind of person you are. Currently, the two friends are running the business on Facebook as an online store. In the start Asad admits that they weren’t able to find a lot of customers and thus they came up with a strategy to showcase their unique designs to bankers and office goers.Being cost effective,Asad travels in buses to go to branches of banks and asks for time in the lunch-breaks, so that he can give them a presentation and his sales pitch. People who get impressed by Asad also refer him to their colleagues.This great effort in personal selling has brought phenomenal fruits for the start-up and Asad hopes to continue this mode of direct personal selling in the future.

Where did your organization’s funding come from ?
At the time of admission in college i submitted a little amount of money as a security deposit. After the completion of my intermediate, i got the security deposit back which i then put in my saving account .Later i used that amount to start my business and from that time till today,there hasn’t been a single cash injection.

Where you see yourself and your business in 10 years time?
Honestly, no one knows where their plane will land in 10 years. All you have is the vision to make your life better. I have a vision of opening outlets in every prime location in Pakistan.


Hamzah Farooq Varachhia


Hamzah Farooq Varachhia is an MBA student at SZABIST studying Marketing.Passion for wearing the latest fashion trends motivated Hamzah and his elder brother to start their own brand of clothing YNG Empire .It initially began from having an online Facebook page and a website in April 2013.Positive response and always coming up with new innovative products and designs led the brand to launch an outlet at Zamzama, which is considered as a posh place where all the upper middle and high class gentry comes for shopping. YNG Empire hired Abbas Jaffery as their brand ambassador and conducted many shoots with him.

When asked to reveal his daily routine, Hamzah says ,”There is no specific number of hours as I have to manage between University classes and work as well. As the flow of orders is from all over Pakistan ,i have to make sure that each and every customer gets the order confirmed immediately. So you have to be available most of the time. Sometimes I am working from my office,sometimes home and even when i am on the go” .

For Hamzah being an entrepreneur has its own pros and cons.He adds that,” You are totally dependent on yourself . You are your only financier; you need talent, strong will, organized knowledge, be efficient enough to use limited resources, time plus stress management and ability to face the loss alone”.

The brand is constantly striving to get better and Hamzah hopes that this strategy will pay dividends and lead to greater expansion in the future.

Waqar Rashid Nagi:The Ambitious Entrepreneur

1393625_10152466497545895_2823341162344948571_nWaqar Rashid Nagi,is an alumni of SZABIST and ex-treasurer of  SZABIST  Entrepreneurial Society.
He started his venture with zero capital in 2012 and evolve’s functioning  philosophy can be summed up with their Tag line “Be Better. Be Customized”.They  are the pioneer’s in the online industry in bringing out a brand that caters to customer’s requirements and provides a “custom fit”/stitched product that continues to change the perception about buying products made of high quality Egyptian fabrics online . They currently deliver shirts all over Pakistan and  they have quite a big number of loyal customers who Waqar calls his  ‘Evolvers’.

Waqar says that believing in yourself is the key to launching a start-up. He further comments that “Accepting challenges and always being ready to accept change is fundamental. I design the posters for Evolve myself, I learned Photoshop from Youtube (at the time it used to be open) and yes, I have learned it to the extent that I know all what is taught at the SZABIST workshops. I made sure that when I start, I don’t have an excuse to say ‘No’ to something”.

In 10 years time, Waqar sees Evolve to be one of the Best and well renowned brands for men’s clothing in Pakistan with more than 100 SKUs or unique products.

In the end he adds ,”We have a long way to go, as our imagination is not limited as is the road to success”.

Harris Jaliawala

1525410_10152449211535895_5233898693608489343_nComing from a business background family, Harris searched for self -employment which he achieved with his business partner ,Aftab Dhanani, on October 2012, with their start-up Infinity Design. Infinity design is an IT and design solution company  that deals with customized IT solutions for organizations and individuals. It also provides design and branding services including content creation and social media campaign designing. It started by serving student societies in SZABIST only but now they have corporate clients as well in an expanding list of clientele. Studying Mechatronics at SZABIST Haris believes that best way to launch a  start-up is to go for it as soon as you think of an idea .He always focused on customer satisfaction instead of marketing gimmicks and this got him good reputation in the industry.  Harris ,who is also the treasurer in SZABIST Student Council wants to stay busy and prosper with his start-up in the years ahead.

Farrukh Bhabha:The Specialist

10653578_1549158085328511_4352423544805906798_nThe journey started when Farukh bhabha was an intern in an institution that worked with 3D printers. Farukh learnt all that there was about 3D printing. He realized that Pakistan is lacking behind in this amazing technology and this motivated him to start his own business in this field. So it began with a group thesis project where each member contributed 25000 to work on their first 3D printer. With encouragement from Dr Imran Amin and initial capital injection of Rs450000, Farrukh later turned this assignment into a successful start-up.

Today, he is working from his home with two employees and have been serving their customers for 6 months now. From a student making a robotic arm to an average household consumer, they can print anything one can imagine.

Farrukh wants to create magic with his 3D printing and let his competitors know that they are a major force in this industry.

Humza Syed: The Passionate Entrepreneur


Humza Syed

Humza Syed, SZABIST student

As a kid he was always fascinated by how some pictures looked so amazing. He always wondered how photography and editing made people look more radiant in their pictures. His curiosity in arts made him choose his career in this field. Syed got a film camera from his grandfather and somehow managed to buy a DSLR as well from saving his lunch money.

Humza started off by giving free services in various societies of SZABIST which helped increase his networking opportunities. Launched in 2010, Humza Syed Photography now covers brand launches and wedding shoots etc. This success did not come easy as he had to sacrifice his family time in order to achieve his goal because studying and pursuing career at the same time is not a piece of cake. In future he would like to see himself shooting for magazine covers and fashion shows.