YES!!! SES DiD It Once Again

7098_812623278781277_6393313329145972330_nFor the fourth year running, Ideas explosion was held successfully in SZABIST. This time as well, Ideas explosion was in line with the goal of SES that is to plant and nurture the seeds of Entrepreneurship in  SZABIST students, the event was truly  a big step in that direction.

Setup at the 100 courtyard the marquee tent with its elegant decoration really lit up the ambiance and set the pace for the whole event which started at 9 in the morning and lasted a whole 12 hours.

Aspiring entrepreneurs from SZABIST and outside took part in the event bringing together all sorts of businesses under one roof; from fashion, food, jewelry, computers and even crochet.  Social entrepreneurship was also seen as students working for an NGO utilized the platform to market their social cause.

Among the stalls many of them were profitable including Meta tags, Mystery clothing, Spicy café, Glimmer and the hit FIFA playing stall.


                                                                Highlights of Ideas Explosion’14

The event attracted a large audience and it was the interaction with their colleagues that will ultimately inspire the entrepreneurs of the next generation and create a domino effect of new startups in the years ahead.

It was a busy event from start to finish and one to remember.


                                                                                    Ideas Explosion’14 Sponsors


Bakhtawer Abbasi: The Visionary Entrepreneur

At the age of 17, Bakhtawer Abbasi decided to create an online retail store with a simple business model. The online retail store would import goods from abroad based on international trends of fashion and sell it to the Pakistani market. It was a simple partnership with her sister who would decide on the products while our young entrepreneur would handle the marketing and operational detail. Her simple belief that there was a market available for such goods in Karachi was where she stood out. The only advice this entrepreneur gave us was simple.


Go forward with your idea.

The potential for business in Karachi is huge and you will find a market. There was even a point where her own friends and colleagues were her customers without any knowledge that the business was hers. It is at this point that she felt a sense of pride in her business.

And that is where it started. Her parents provided her with the initial startup capital of Rs 30,000 and after several years of business, the market capitalization for has grown several times over and needless to say is a thriving business.

One day, Bakhtawer Abbasi hopes to own and run a major retail store. One where there is a measure of physical contact with the final consumer. A dream which she believes all online retailers aspire to.  In a few years time, she hopes to own and manage at least 3 other brands. A task which we believe she is more than capable of .

Ideas Explosion’14


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Ideas Explosion’14  welcomes all the entrepreneurs out there to come and show case their business ideas under one roof. Providing such a platform would basically help the young entrepreneurs to grow and promote themselves at a forum the SES proudly sets up every year. To its credit , ideas explosion was adjudged the Best internal event of 2011 and was the curtain raiser event in 2012.

It is the signature event of SES and SZABIST students get a firsthand experience of what the marketplace is all about from the perspective of a tradesman. For those who don’t have entrepreneurs in their family, the event is learning ground  for them as they get to observe their friends and seniors exhibit their ideas up-close and personal .

Ideas  explosion  will also help  aspiring SZABIST students  to grasp  market in the initial stages of their startup  and reach the heights they desire with their magnificently exquisite products and services. But it’s their interaction with their colleagues that will ultimately inspire the entrepreneurs of the next generation and create a domino effect of new startups in the years ahead.

The event  will attract  a big audience and encourage interaction of the students with the young brands, which will be a boost to their brand in terms of image building and would also positively influence the students of SZABIST, considering the fact that majority of the entrepreneurs are young adults to whom the students can connect.

So mark the 21st on your calendar and show up at 100 campus for a host of fun filled activities that will not only enthrall you but teach you a great deal as well.

Irtiza Rizvi :The inspiring entrepreneur of SZABIST

Syed Irtiza Rizvi, Ex-president of SZABIST Model United Nations (ZABMUN)

Children of our generation usually take their parents’ money for granted, he felt it would be tantamount to losing his integrity if he went to his parents asking for money. For this reason, he decided to become financially independent and focused on creating his own start-up, which was not an easy task considering that his family mainly comprised of engineers and doctors. Therefore, as soon as he joined SZABIST, he started his own company which made customized lighters named Meta Tags. This start-up proved to be quite a challenge, and there were days where he felt like quitting, yet he persevered and today, he owns three small scale start-ups under the umbrella of Rungleela. First being Meta Tags, second being Craftistan and the third being Royal Republic.


Irtiza Rizvi : The inspiring entrepreneur

Irtiza who is an entrepreneur wants to get better every day, talks about it and mentions a quote here which sums up his thoughts well enough.

‘If you are not willing to risk it all, you don’t want it bad enough’.

He works 17 to 18 hours a day and regularly misses lunch. For him, time is just an illusion; the passing of it is irrelevant. What matters is his goal. People who complain about that they don’t have the money for their idea. For them Irtiza adds that his company started of working in January 2011 officially with a start-up capital of only PKR 3500. And by the grace of God there hasn’t been a single cash injection other than the original sum ever.
Irtiza sees his company as the most innovative company in Pakistan in 10 years’ time. He adds another brilliant quote in the end:

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.”

                                                                                                   Chuck Palahniuk

Entrepreneurs Of SZABIST

Walking through any bazaar or street, we come across a multitude of businesses selling various commodities. Every commodity we buy, sell or use has a history behind it. It did not just spread everywhere. The global connectivity and consciousness we see today was the work of 2 college students who began a single social media website (Facebook) which has rewritten all the rules. Apple was started in a garage .Great individuals understand that a single step is the first to establishing an enterprise that can change the world. As do SZABISTIANS

SZABIST is like a second home to many of its students. It is one of the few places where you can enjoy life and chill with your friends while utterly broke. It is also home to some excellent individuals who have foreseen niches and upcoming waves and trends and positioned themselves appropriately .Individuals who after starting from scratch have turned an idea into a business. Individuals who against the odds succeeded and built something bigger than them.


Entrepreneurs of SZABIST (EOSZ) aims to bring to you the stories of these individuals. The real stories of pain and hardship that allowed these sole proprietors to succeed. Every story is unique. It can be a story of love ,loss and hardship. It can be a story of grueling physical agony matched only by the individual’s incredible tenacity to succeed to build an entire enterprise around a single innovative idea. To not stop, no matter how hard the going gets. These are stories which we hope will inspire you.

Which will make you realize that a single step forward to your dream might be the first step in building an empire.