Vinesh Kumar

11034249_1583628901881429_4292717589929635334_nVinesh Kumar, a student of SZABIST.
On the first day of internship at a well reputed firm he came up with the design for a billboard campaign for the company, which was highly appreciated with a round of applause. He started designing logos and graphics that were being approved on the first attempt. For Vinesh, the journey to success has been long and harsh; he faced a number of obstacles on the way. However, the key for him was being diligent and perseverant.
To understand the intricate workings of the business, he worked on a nonprofit basis for a large number of companies, spending many sleepless nights designing and redesigning websites and logos before launching his own business. After accumulating experience, he started to work as a freelancer and eventually launched his own business: ‘Vinesh Kumar Creative and Software Solutions’. Since then, his clientele base and experience have made rapid progress. His clients include reputed firms such as Coca Cola and Shan, for whom he designs their websites and billboards.
How did you build a successful customer base?
Having an effective social network ameliorated my business. I also joined many societies at Szabist, where I developed a lot of potential clients. My specialty is delivering work on time before the deadline, which in turn boosts the faith of the client in the business.
What would you say are the top skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?
Networking is paramount to any entrepreneur; it is the backbone of all operations. Having a successful clientele base at the end of the day is what gets the business rolling. Creativity and adaptability also rank on top of the skill-set for any entrepreneur to be successful. I cannot emphasize this point enough that it is pivotal for any entrepreneur to be open to criticism. In our field of work, everyone has different tastes, perceptions, and sometimes getting a design approved takes a lot of criticism and approval from everyone, so perseverance is the key for any entrepreneur to be successful.


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