Fareed Ahmed: The Prodigious Entrepreneur

10698660_1534419983468988_2617759930205080844_nNot everyone is made for a 9 to 5 job, Fareed Ahmad is one of them. With entrepreneurship in his genes and a drive to achieve something big, the computer science prodigy from SZABIST is working hard every day for the success of his start-up. He alongside his friend Mohammad Ghazanfar launched ‘Digixtron’ in 2011 with no office and just 3 employees. Today ‘Digixtron’ provides solutions to firms in technology software and cyber- security and has a big office with a workforce of 15.

They function on the belief that entrepreneurship is all about the adrenaline rush which comes from putting the idea into execution and for this they have a thing called NBT (Next Big Thing) where everyone, from a peon to the manager, shares his or her idea once a week and this is how they have managed to survive and thrive in the market.


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